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Česká KameniceČeská KameniceCzeska Kamienica (Česká Kamenice)

Česká Kamenice

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The late gothic town on the river Kamenice, where the Lusatian mountains, Czech Switzerland and Bohemian Central Highlands meet. It was originated in 13rd century by German colonists. First mentioned in the year 1352 as the storn-hold village. The square is adorned with the remainders of two gabled gothic houses, a renaissance fountain and the Town hall. Interesting is also the church of St. James with the basement of 14th century, later rebuilt in gothic style. On the corner of church there was in the year 1555 built the four-square tower by the architect Seiffert.

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Town square
Town square
Chapel of Virgin Mary Birth

Chapel of Virgin Mary Birth
Chapel of Virgin Mary Birth
Tower of the church

Česká Kamenice
Swimming pool
Česká Kamenice

Tomb of family Preidl
Salhausenský castle

Evangelical Church
Building of the old savings Bank
Castle Kamenice na Zámeckém vrchu

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